Team Building Activities, Away Days and Energisers


We lead a range of dynamic, creative and expressive activities guaranteed to engage, energise and motivate your team.



Our inspirational sessions simulate real-life challenges; promoting a sense of passion, creativity and community that will remain long after your event has finished. Go Dynamite will establish a creative and dynamic atmosphere where you and your team can explore:

  • Working together

  • Achieving common goals

  • Valuing individual contributions

  • Facing new challenges

Group music-making is essential to communities around the world. Our music ensemble experiences include:

  • Brazilian Samba Ensemble

  • West African Hand-Drumming

  • Junk Percussion

  • Ukulele

For teams looking to move around, interact and work on new skills with more independence, we also offer:

  • Circus Skills


We lead everyone through a series of rhythmical exercises and challenges, teaching them the rhythms and sounds of Brazil. Subgroups take ownership of a different Latin percussion instrument, combining as a whole to make up the full sound of a Brazilian Samba band. We close the session with a final performance. It's loud, impressive and high energy. It's a carnival and everyone has an important role to play. 


We begin with basic hand drumming technique and quickly transform your group into an African drumming ensemble. Interlocking parts combine with set calls and responses to weave together a rich rhythm web. Plenty of creative opportunities for soloist and smalls group! 

Junk Percussion

Water butts, car tyres, tin cans, old frying pans, watering cans, and group participation combine in this exhilarating and multilayered performance spectacle. Groups are led through a series of rhythmical exercises and challenges influenced by Brazilian and African rhythms. Participants learn or create collective solo parts, interactive breaks and a system of calls and responses. It's loud, impressive and high energy. It's a percussion party and everyone has an important role to play! 

Unique rhythm writing and finale parade/performances included in longer projects and sessions.


Smaller than a guitar, and quick to learn. We've invented a fun and accessible system to teach your group the secret behind thousands of popular songs. We'll be singing and playing together in no time. After exploring a variety of playing approaches, we either offer a mini competition (small groups working together), or focus more on cooperation, working together in the whole group to create a new song!  

Circus Skills

Ignite your team's focus, coordination and dexterity in these fun and dynamic sessions. Our expert facilitators demonstrate spinning plates, diabolo, poi, hula hoops, devil sticks, juggling scarves and peacock feathers before everyone gets a chance to master their favourite skills and release their inner performer. Creativity is encouraged and celebrated throughout, and a final performance provides a platform for everyone to showcases their new (or old) skills!


There's plenty more on offer. Visit the Events page to get some ideas.

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